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If produced accident situation,the female is in between bosom pregnancy, may bring about abortive happening. So if be the later period in be pregnant, normally fetal already development is mature, if use,medicaments aborts or the method of induced abortion does not suit. This moment can undertake induced labor only, induced labor is to pregnant woman the body harms way of the oldest a kind of abortion. But to fetal already below the circumstance after development, can take induced labor operation only. So it how much bring flooding to measure is normal to bring flooding to measure?

It how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures is normal how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures

Bleed after induced labor how long ability is normal

The local secretion after the defer below normal circumstance can be in what half month controls clean, if sordid all the time be the remain with need local consideration or infection, it is to need those who look to check B to exceed, treat next, this during it is not OK of the same branch of a family, not of overworked catch cold catch cold. Eat motherwort and armour saltpetre Zun appropriately.

Usually the annulus on menstruation has compared induced labor later. If be induced labor hind the 10th day,had better not go up annulus, bring about palace antrum so easily to affect, Fall in love with the seaForum of Shanghai noble baby

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With your circumstance proposal you come menstruation, wait after menstruation is clean 3, 7 days, go again on the hospital annulus.

Must want to await an uterus to restore completely after induced labor, period is normal and normal, ability can take ring after the rule, carry the head after bad need menstruation is completely clean 3 days. Time has a place for the time that sees you too short, instauration of this moment uterus causes infection completely not easily to still have haemorrhage appearance. Generally speaking, take annulus to need to be after the operation two the junior travel to 3 months.

It how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures is normal how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures

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1, should observe 2 hours, notice the vagina bleeds with bellyacke circumstance, if what do not have,reaction can come home.

2, 2 weeks need to rest after induced labor, prevent catch a cold and cold, eat some of rich nourishing food more, make the body returns to normal as soon as possible.

3, inside the period of time after induced labor, the scar on the film inside the uterus has not restore, cervix mouth is flabby, the original mucous bolt inside palace neck (have the effect that prevents a bacterium to enter palace antrum) already by take out, new mucous bolt had be notted form, be like right now carelessly the vulva is wholesome, the bacterium inside the vagina enters palace antrum easily to cause infection. Accordingly, want after induced labor more maintain vulva cleanness sanitation, trade menstrual mat and rough straw paper frequently. Prohibit inside a month sexual life, in case genital official infection. If calorific, bellyacke or vaginal secretion have off-odour, the likelihood is infection be caused by, want to see a doctor in time.

It how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures is normal how much the haemorrhage after induced labor measures

4, after the placenta when induced labor is come off, what leave on uterine wall achieve a face to be able to have a few haemorrhage, this kind of circumstance reachs the rehabilitate that achieve a face as uterine systole, bleed to stop gradually in 3-5 day vagina commonly, do not exceed at mostSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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10-15 day. If the vagina bleeds,the quantity exceeds menstrual blood amount, duration is too long, need to see a doctor in time at this moment cure.

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The majority after induced labor is controlled in a month ovarian can restore oviposit, subsequently menstruation comes wet. Accordingly, sexual life should regain only after induced abortion, be about to take contraceptive step, avoid to be pregnant again. If prepare to use the person that birth control annulus uses contraceptive, can be in induced abortion while put birth control annulus, because put annulus at this moment successful rate is high, fall off rate is low, side effect is little.

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