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Article introduction

Vulva skin bleachs is to belong to vulva white disease, because hidebound reason is caused,basically be, also can bring about vulva occurrence skin to add thick and apophysis, because model of vulva occurrence blame is proliferous,still be likely, can cause canceration, hope female friend should want to cause take seriously. Whiten to vulva skin hair cause of disease because, we can understand the content of this article introduction, undertake controlling in the light of these reasons next.

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Vulva skin is whiten how to return a responsibility

How is female vulva becomes white to return a responsibility?

Vulva is hoar, be weighed normally for vulva white disease, it is chronic vulva actually hidebound, the exact pathogeny of vulva white disease is unidentified, the canceration with also have certain is likely. The specific reason with female hoar vulva is as follows:

1, mix model hidebound

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It is the adjacent place that sends White Area in humble vulva now, or old bureau is accompanied inside its limitsLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Kitchen sex skin is added thick or apophysis.

Vulva skin is whiten how to return a responsibility

2, hyperplasia or mix model accompany epithelial SARS hyperplasia

Think to be in commonly hyperplasia reach mix model in pathological changes, only 5, 10 can appear SARS hyperplasia, and this SARS hyperplasia is confined to proliferous epithelial part. SARS hyperplasia does not have special and clinical expression more, local organization vivid put oneself in another’s position organizes an examination to be only diagnostic method. But if vulva is local,appear ulcer. Or when the white apophysis with clear dividing line, in the place vivid check discovery is not typical hyperplasia, the possibility of its canceration is larger.

3, hyperplasia hidebound

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Happen in more commonly 30, woman of 60 years old. Main symptom surprises for vulva urticant bear hard catch the companion after defeating to have local ache. Pathological changes limits is differ, basically affect the channel between big labium, labium, the place such as the combination after clitoris wrapping is mixed, often show symmetry. Ill area skin is added thick be like leather, apophysis has knit folds in a garment, or squamate bits, eczema kind goes. Vulva color much · is dark red or pink, the white splash that be mingled with has bounds clarity piece. Do not have atrophy or adhesion commonly.

Vulva skin is whiten how to return a responsibility

4, sclerotic moss hidebound

Can happen at any ages, include less than 10 years old young female, but see more control a woman at 40 years old. Main symptom is ill caustic area scratchy, but oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Kind far relatively it is when hyperplasia pathological changes light, terminal occurrence sexual intercourse is difficult.

The skin of vulva of pathological changes drag in, mucous membrane and anus week skin. Clitoris wrapping, nympha, associated place is position of common disease damage after. Bleach except the skin or mucous membrane, attenuate, dry Yi Jun is cracked, outside losing flexibility, the clitoris is much more atrophic, and with wrapping adhesion, nympha evenness disappears. Terminal skin is humble shrinkage is like cigarette paper, vaginal mouth contracture is narrow, allow finger tip only.

Young the female person that contract this disease feels after pee or defecate more vulva and anus week are unwell, the examination discovers occurrence ward of outer nether world and anus week area shape bead yellow is piebald appearance or white ill caustic. But come commonly when adolescence, pathological changes can disappear by oneself more. Skin of vulva of some menopause woman attenuates and shine, have spend gently smartly, Sao is urticant reach coital difficulty, say before ” the former vulva that send a gender is atrophic ” . But outside hyperfunction is being changed without horn except its skin when ill check, other organization change all is the same as with tinea of sclerotic liver mosses casing.

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