Suo Ni is pushed at England ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” thematic PS4 adds a quantity to still do not increase price

Regard the PS4 of the heaviest this year head as exclusive your work, ” mysterious maritime space 4: Bandits dead end ” Where is a few give special treatment that do not win Suo Ni how possibly again? According to latest news, suo Ni rolled out in British area ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” thematic PS4, the design is simple but do not break collect a meaning.

It is reported, this ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” capacity of thematic PS4 hard disk is 1TB, and price also comparatives conscience, have 300 pound only, with groovy PS4 it is a price. Single-phase than at common PS4, this theme edition not only much the hard disk space of 500GB, still have quite collect value. What show a regret slightly is did not plan to roll out lead plane of edition of this set limit to in other area it seems that besides the Suo Ni outside England, but if you are conditional, might as well consider take as the point of departure.

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