Budapest world bright and beautiful contest a rally to pledge resolution before going to war of Beijing of natant team of China of there can be no turning back

The world swam 2017 tounament will on July 14 ~ is held 30 days in Hungarian Budapest. Chinese natant team held plenary meeting of a rally to pledge resolution before going to war in Beijing last weekend and announced take part in the match list, in advance arrived at the Chinese diving team of Budapest to had undertaken adaptability trains.

Chinese natant line is current world bright and beautiful surpasses take part in the match list has 44 people, 18 male 26 female, by Olympic Games champion Sun Yang, ” Hong Huang’s girl ” Fu Yuanhui presents as leading role. Guangdong team respect, “Goddess ” Liu Xiang, ” swim fast of altar Chen Yi ” Yu Hexin and Wang Xue, Ma Tianchi takes part in the match.

Guangdong dives 5 tigers go out for a battle

Sun Yang of natant group team leader passes the China that undertaking preparing for war finally in Hong Kong video to t上海贵族宝贝交流区


eammate people initiate a call: “Chinese natant team is having the iron blood mind that never abandons all the time, no matter encounter how old problem, we can do our best strive for best result. Contest of world bright and beautiful is us the start in new Olympic Games cycle, I believe, want hard only, can give prize. Chinese natant team can flare certainly Budapest, flare world bright and beautiful is surpassed! Chinese team,爱上海同城手机版

cheer! ” on July 23 as a result of natant match arrangement ~ undertakes 30 days, so Chinese natant team will start on July 18, their target is achievement not under previous term or session world bright and beautiful is surpassed. Shan Shijin surpassed noise made in coughing or vomiting 2015 on, the military successes of Chinese natant team is 5 gold 1 silver 7 copper上海千花网交友


The conten上海夜网

d of diving will be in on July 14 start shooting, because this China dives,the team has arrived at contest ground to undertake adaptability trains at present. “The team of the 上海千花网龙凤论坛

dream ” published 18 people list early, the target also is achievement is not differred at previous term or session (10 gold 3 silver 2 copper) . Below the circumstance that retires in the veteran such as Wu Minxia, Chen Relin, Qin Kai, He Zi, chinese team expedited Ren Qian of champion of new division Olympic Games, Shi Tingmao, Chen Aisen and Cao Yuan ” with old tape new ” . Chen Aisen says frankly, the concussion of new personality already formed pressure to oneself, but take newlywed person much a responsibility. Guangdong diving group is mutual ” 5 tigers will ” world of Budapest giving fight bright and beautiful contest, include beacon of Yi of Chen Aisen, Xie Sai, He Chao, Peng Jian and Chen Yi language.

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