Hypostatic and retail as retail as the network contrast is tremendous the mystery wheres

Since reforming and opening, retail business maintains entity to be added more quickly all the time fast, for steady growth, attune the people’s livelihood of structure, benefit made positive contribution. But suffer cost to climb litre, retail and rapid development affects aggravate of competition of a person of same business, network, in recent years hypostatic retail trade appeared to manage difficulty, industry development situation is grim. What form tremendous contrast to it is, the network is retail becoming a kind of new trade pattern, development speed is exceeded anticipate. Nearly 5 years, on the net retail the growth rate that carries 25% above continuously.

Current, create entity and network the reason of retail and tremendous contrast is many sided, have long-term factor already, also have short-term factor; Have exterior reason already, also have the problem with insufficient exercise to benefit the internal organs. These problems involve a lot of domains and branch, sheet relies on hypostatic and retail him business to adjust, integrated, answer, solve hard, the department makes overall plans related need, coordinate guidance.

Hypostatic and retail the main base that is flow of goods, it is to guide the production, main carrier that enlarges consumption, it is the prosperous market, important channel that guarantees obtain employment. Hypostatic retail trade cannot be replaced, its and electronic business affairs all are the organic component of retail trade, both be not is the concern with this disappear chief the other party, shirt-sleeve development is big trend of future. Through using new technology, make new job appearance, creation wisdom is retail new pattern, hypostatic retail trade can achieve steady growth.

Liang Da

On 1. net retail maintain rapid growth, market dimensions breakthrough closes 5 trillion yuan greatly

Retail market course grows our country network quickly for years, at present certain already room trades position of frontal world first. In the network while retail dimensions is outspread, commodity increasingly rich, service upgrades ceaselessly, entered by ” quantity ” to ” qualitative ” maturity changes development level.

According to statistic of national statistic bureau, 2016, the turnover on countrywide net five thousand one hundred and fifty-five billion five hundred and seventy million yuan, than going up year of growth 26.2% , among them the turnover on objective commodity net four thousand one hundred and ninety-four billion four hundred and fifty million yuan, grow 25.6% , add total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of fast prep above fast 15.2 percent, pull move social consumable total volume of retail sales to add fast 3 percent left and right sides; Proportion is held in social consumable total volume of retail sales for 12.6% , than going up year of promotion 1.8 percent.

Be bred through old market and develop, the network is retail market maturity is taller and taller, confluence is quickened below the line on the line. The data that occupies center of international electron business affairs shows, the our country network that reflects the line on the line to leave shirt-sleeve rate since 2014 is retail permeate an index to be climbed stage by stage litre, especially 2 quarters rose considerably 2016 148.5, 3 quarters maintain in 146.

Since this year, the goods on the net is retail grow quickly continuously. 1-5 month, the turnover on net of countrywide objective commodity grows 26.5% compared to the same period, month of increasing ratio 1-4 increases 0.6 percent, total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of prep above the corresponding period is added fast 16.2 percent; The proportion that holds social consumable total volume of retail sales is 13.2% , increase 0.3 percent than 1-4 month, than going up year of the corresponding period increase 1.9 percent.

Retail trade condition adds 2. tradition fast add on average under social consumable total volume of retail sales fast

2013-2016 year, suffer management cost to climb litre, a lot of element such as rapid development affects commerce of change of structure of dweller consumption demand, electron, hypostatic and retail owner wants index to increase fast fall after a rise, be in a few years continuously glide condition, it is difficult that large and retail business manages the part, individual business street and business encircle integral be on the wane, close a business of a few hypostatic store or close. According to not complete count, 2016, in condition of industry of general merchandise inn, shopping centers, large supermarket, 46 companies closed 185 doors store.

2016, voice turnover compares the traditional retail trade that includes inn of supermarket, general merchandise, professional inn to wait inside go up year of growth 7.8% , add fast although compare,go up year accelerate 2.3 percent, but add than total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of the corresponding period fast low 2.6 percent, go up than the net retail add fast low 18.4 percent. According to China chain manages association statistic, interlinked dimensions of 100 strong sales 2016 2.1 trillion yuan, grow 3.5% only compared to the same period, it is the lowest since having statistic a year.

According to statistic of center of news of trade of China whole nation, 2016, retail 100 strong in dimensions of sale of 88 hypostatic and retail businesses achieves 1.8 trillion yuan, grow 4.0% compared to the same period, add than爱上海同城对对碰

total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of the corresponding period fast low 6.4 percent. Meanwhile, electric business still maintains rapidder growth, 100 strong in the sale dimensions of business of 6 home appliance achieves 2.47 trillion yuan, grow 34.2% compared to the same period, the proportion that holds sale of 100 strong whole is 51.2% , the contributive rate that business of 6 home appliance sells growth to whole of 100 strong retail businesses is 83.5% . Among them, beijing east for China the biggest shopkeeper (self-supporting + B2C platform + hypostatic) , big trade group is China the biggest hypostatic shopkeeper, day cat is China retail platform of the biggest B2C. 2016, retail 100 strong in 6 main ” hypostatic + electric business ” model dimensions of retail business sale is five hundred and thirty-eight billion nine hundred and ten million yuan, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 11.2% .

Most hypostatic and retail business manages difficulty, and management go from bad to worse, foreground is not hopeful. Baconian rise, basically brought about hypostatic inn by the following big factors get into trouble.

1. lacks commercial program, bring about aggravate of competition of a person of same business

In last few years, because the city accelerates dilate especially the swift and violent development of real estate, growth of urban business establishment is too rapid, and existing ” 1000 inn one side ” problem — the brand is coessential change very serious, repetition rate is in at least 60% above, be as high as 90% even inside same trade group. Together with concerns a branch to lack effective program to the development of commercial site, do not have a program even, develop blindly, the site layout unbalance of condition of identical or similar course of study, gather together manage, cause resources waste, malign competition, profit to glide, a few large supermarkets celebrate cost, practice to support the fee with the various items such as cost, content damage cost to cost of supplier collection such as entering the arena, inn, this destroyed fair competition environment not only, the market order with disturb上海夜网论坛

ed normal, still forced a few needless charge on the body of consumer, some affected the quality of commodity even. Exorbitant commodity price, restrained sale growth.

2. goes tall continuously with labor cost, the burden is overweight

Although ” battalion changes add ” reduced industry burden, but in recent years fulfil of labour force firewood rises generally, increased labor concentrated model pressure of cost of hypostatic and retail business, existence ” it is difficult to hire ” wait for a problem. On one hand industry salary standard is general and inferior (3000 yuan / person) , 90 hind be engaged in serving industry desire inadequacy, it is more difficult that post of a gleam of is hired; Use labour scale on the other hand big, manpower cost is climbed continuously litre, compensation cost pressure makes the enterprise does not take employee of outstanding a gleam of, restricted a company long-term development. Hold company operation cost like cost of some labor power of general merchandise group 40% much, “5 danger one gold ” rise continuously, year all grow 10% .

The cost such as 3. chummage and financing rises ceaselessly

Rise quickly as estate value, enterprise door inn renews the contract and open new store to face huge cost pressure. Enterprise dilate, transition needs many capital support, because bank credit gets difficulty, much home diversity develops group company sortie to join financing field, but cannot satisfy an enterprise to expand demand far, widespread presence financing mixes retail business hard financing is expensive wait for a problem.

The consumptive experience with backward 4. and strong electric business are pounded

As the flying development of Internet, of network technology be perfected ceaselessly and update, led the sale of electronic business affairs tide. The network shops to had made one of shopping medium of communication with zealous consumer, and the age is in 35 years old of the following society main force, can choose to undertake the network shops mostly. The consumer of comparative tradition shops flow, the net below Internet economy setting is bought shortened the distance on space and time, brought more convenient and quick consumption experience for consumer. And the hypostatic shop of traditional and retail business, on one hand confine timeliness and spatial, below the case that develops in continuity on the other hand, bring about the shopping experience worse and worse of consumer.

5. tradition is retail the profit pattern of the enterprise is old and changeless

At present the profit pattern of inn of traditional general merchandise is mostly: General merchandise enterprise serves as ” sublessor ” , in collection hire while the way that parts with the affiliation, smoke from inside firm sale. The self-supporting commodity scale of enterprise of major general merchandise is 10% , interest rate of wool of enterprise of general merchandise of a gleam of also is only 20% , this is lower than foreign person of the same trade piece nearly 50% . If some is hypostatic,the self-supporting proportion of inn is almost 0, advocate if return profit with deduct a percentage from a sum of money,give priority to.

6. hypostatic inn and electric business compete extremely asymmetry, put in unfair case

According to report, at present hypostatic inn is faced with the value added tax, categories of taxes such as business tax, still have wholesome, fire control, industrial and commercial wait for charge, still year after year involves tall rent finally, these defray can not be decimal eye. Some old companies assume the emeritus salary of old stuff even. And electric business just is OK avoid is dropped. That is to say, hypostatic inn notes these defray cost, and to electric business character, just is equivalent to letting benefit give customer.

1. net is bought catered to more and more consumption demand with low price

Because reduced intermediate link and hypostatic inn cost, price advantage is outstanding, the net is bought can reach with sale manufacturer agent directly make easy intention, leave out intermediate link charge, congener commodity net is being bought is cheaper than bazaar much, the net is bought can bring more low price to consumer, make the net is bought thereby make a kind of new consumption style quickly, pull move and ecbolic new consumptive requirement. It is type of merchandise is abounded next. Because network commodity information is newer fast, the space of purchaser choice commodity is very large, need the goods that different webpage can buy switch to admire in the heart only.

2. improved consumptive environment

Because do not have the limitation of district and time, the net is bought offerred broader alternative limits mixes more shopping to facilitate. Consumer need not accept the restriction of district and time, use all sorts of smartphone, personal computer, App to get online to shop or undertake other spending at any time and place, this makes daily life increasingly convenient, and had infinite extend space. Diversity, fragment is changed, quick the consumptive activity that turn begins to bring brand-new consumptive experience for consumer, guiding people amid to search another kind attributive with self-identity, the reality that affecting people lives, this makes daily life increasingly convenient, and had infinite extend space.

3. net buys dimensions to expand ceaselessly, the dweller consumes means to accelerate change

Pay as shift, the further progress that modern other people sheds, the ground of consumptive pattern more of people from ” below the line ” turn ” on the line ” , even not only small commodity is bought on the net, of big electric equipment and even car, housing buy also begin to turn to a network. Findings of center of information of Chinese internet network shows, up to in December 2016, dimensions of our country netizen is amounted to 731 million, annual adds up to to add a netizen newly 42.99 million person. Internet popularity rate is 53.2% , relatively爱上海龙凤419桑拿

2.9 percent promote by 2015. Chinese netizen dimensions has been equivalent to European mouth gross. Up to in December 2016, dimensions of shopping user of our country network is achieved 467 million, hold netizen proportion for 63.8% , relative新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ly 12.9% grow by 2015. Among them, dimensions of shopping user of mobile phone network is achieved 441 million, 63.4% what occupy mobile phone netizen, year increase rate is 29.8% .

4. satisfied consumptive requirement, optimized consumptive structure

Internet built for consumer and businessman quick and economic interactive platform, consumer can participate in the design of the product and production personally, the businessman waits the requirement of many sided to product appearance, function according to consumer, offer personalized goods. This kind of interactive sex is reflected is pattern of a kind of trade not only, more representing prospective new culture (300336, ) the development direction with new economy.

In the time that goods and materials shorts, an area even of the product that the whole na爱上海

tion seeks 1000 people one side at the same time and service imitate model consumption of the type that discharge billow appears time and again. Although this one specific history level produced positive effect to promoting the dweller’s living standard, but when dimensions changes production to grow in intensity, produce can superfluous inevitable, and at this moment people is satisfied at simple basic material no longer again life demand, change to characteristic, the demand that gout changes is more strong, the burgeoning consumption as it happens that is carrier with Internet satisfied the requirement of people. Internet IT can realize a space the supply and demand between amlposition of dispersive, time matchs, raised the welfare level of both sides of supply and demand so, optimize upgraded the main demand of people.

Transition of 1. hypostatic retail trade is having main effect to economic progress

Hypostatic and retail the main base that is flow of goods, it is to guide the production, main carrier that enlarges consumption, it is the prosperous market, important channel that guarantees obtain employment. According to statistic, hypostatic commodity sale occupies social consumable total volume of retail sales 90% the left and right sides, created tertiary industy close very one of raise a cost, increased the obtain employment chance of nearly 1/5. Accordingly, hypostatic and retail right guiding the production, sense that enlarges obtain employment of market of consumption, prosperity, safeguard is great.

Should promote national economy to develop strategic level to locate the development of retail trade, to the development of retail trade support of configuration of program, resource, policy, government is ensured, should bring into a government to plan to the unity of national economy, from the positional question that goes up to settle good retail trade further at all. Current, transition of retail business innovation already became urgent matter, promotion retail trade develops ability to already also became one of serious content that sex of supply side structure reforms continuously.

2. substance is retail as retail as the network the organic component that is retail trade

Hypostatic and retail as retail as the network the organic component that is retail trade, shirt-sleeve development is development trend of future. In November 2016, general office of the State Council is released ” the opinion about transition of hypostatic and retail innovation ” , what in the light of current substance the main problem knead dough of retail existence faces is outstanding and difficult, from advance the reform of sex of supply side structure, height that revitalizes hypostatic economy to set out, measure of the particular job of transition of retail to promoting substance innovation, policy made comprehensive deploy, at the same time also establish the main way that retail trade confluence develops, it is to be mixed currently the creed sex file that period of time will coach retail trade works henceforth. This improves the knowledge of pair of retail trade positions and action further to each district, enhance working sense of urgency, sense of responsibility and mission sense, advance transition of retail trade innovation as a whole each job, exert oneself enhances the adaptability that supply structure changes to demand and flexibility, raise current efficiency and service level, satisfy the new requirement that economic society expands better, have important sense.

3. substance is retail the main task that assuming stimulative spending growth

Social production should pass the consumable with current direct translate into finally, grow in order to achieve national economy continuously. Want to develop hypostatic retail trade to develop stimulative effect to economy further, use to promoting what economy grows to press an action, urge action to what manufacturing industry develops, must elevate entity the status of retail trade further. Want to produce the effect that consumption develops to economy further, must want further progress to include hypostatic retail trade inside all sections that serve consumption.

Current, the problem that hypostatic and retail business faces, already enterprise oneself changes to be mixed not in time the problem that exists in management, also macroscopical economy environment changes to be challenged brought new issue, newly, the development that is like economic globalization, science and technology, development of financial domain changes, of urban government change the influence that wait. To these new issues, sheet relies on hypostatic and retail him business to adjust, integrated, answer, solve hard, must rely on a government to make overall plans, coordinate guidance.

It although these a few years of substance are retail is difficult to manage, but do not be equal to retail industry to enter winter. As the main base of flow of goods, retail trade is being developed in national economy guide those who enlarge consumption is production, two-way lead action. Get used to consumptive demand change, quicken innovation transition pace, it is the actual choice that hypostatic and retail industry faces.

1. increases the program strength of commercial site, avoid the waste of social natural resources

Concerned industry condition is adjusted, the government needs to stand in whole society natural resources the angle of reasonable configuration, develop to retail industry condition, bring into urban and rural development to make overall plans. The reasonable configuration of condition of the development of retail site, different job, want to bring into a city to develop program and rural a wide place in the road to develop a program, ensure reasonable configuration, equitable distribution, make city, country forms the reasonable configuration of commerce of reasonable mart, characteristic, community commerce, avoid the waste of social natural resources. Want to guide hypostatic and retail business to change 1000 inn one side, 1000 inn to taste a phenomenon together, be adjusted ceaselessly and optimize merchandise category, add variety of commodity of intelligence, vogue, healthy, green.

2. accelerates innovation to manage industry condition and mode, enhance service quality and service advantage

Encourage the relevant industry such as hypostatic commerce and travel, culture and recreation to cross bound confluence, strengthen an industry to cooperate with, lengthen service chain, prosperous market enhances vigor. Executive retail trade carries qualitative synergism special operation, guide retail business to improve management efficiency, promotion serves a level. Guide retail bus上海贵族宝贝

iness to increase self-supporting proportion, positive development is bought outright manage, promotion gain ability and poor dissimilation run a level. Encourage the attune such as inn of shopping centers, general merchandise to make management structure, from traditional sale the place consumes central transition to gregarious experience. Drive chain to change, the brand changes an enterprise to establish community advantage inn and community supermarket, produce terminal site advantage, extend civilian appreciation serves. Advance commodity to trade the market optimizes resource of layout, assemble and innovation development, change to intelligence, the experience is changed, platform changes transition to upgrade, stimulative market and industrial confluence develop. Breed life sex to serve new pattern of new job condition, promote standardization the standard, enhance service quality and service advantage.

3. promotes the line on the line to lay shirt-sleeve progress

Advance ” Internet + current ” innovation develops, difference of the function below the line on sufficient play line changes a dominant position, arouse hypostatic business energy. Enhance wholesale retail trade the information on the line is alternant, online trade, the function such as energy accurate sale, distributing center, real experience, content shedding distributes the goods below promotion line send, the function such as after service. Drive eat the life sex such as travel and travel, recreation to serve industry online change, trade on stimulative line and union serves below the line, offer individuation, advantage to change a service. Encourage can exhibit, the industry such as hock, auction begins a net to go up to reveal and trade, make platform of normalization communication butt joint. Encourage an enterprise to use Internet platform to optimize configuration society natural resources, development shares economy, in coordination new pattern of economy, experience economy.

4. accelerates reform of wealth tax system, create atmosphere of good shopkeeper course of study

It is to want to accelerate reform of wealth tax system further, cogent decrease negative, synergism for the enterprise, build favorable weak environment; Control hire is unreasonable rising phenomenon, reduce water, charge of electricity, content to spread cost, reduce the management pressure of retail end truly, hypostatic and retail business offers favourable policy on support of taxation, capital, management field. 2 it is to want to begin blow to encroach deep intellectual property and make carry out fake goods works, exert oneself solves hypostatic and retail business to mirror relatively issue of competition of the inequity below the line on centralized line, begin the fairness below the line on the line to superintend, fair pay taxes, attack unfair competition action. Rectify through market order break local protection and market barrier, decrease for hypostatic and retail business negative.

Total volume of retail sales of portion society consumable is main in May 2017 data

Index in May 1-5 month

Absolute magnitude

Grow compared to the same period (%) absolute magnitude

Grow compared to the same period (% )

(100 million yuan) (100 million yuan)

29459 10.7 142561 10.3 of social consumable total volume of retail sales

Among them: 12937 9.2 62689 8.4 of turnover of consumable of limitation above unit

Among them: – of the turnover on objective commodity net

18798 26.5

Press management ground to divide

Town 25360 10.4 122241 10.0

Rustic 4099 12.7 20320 12.2

By consumption the type is divided

Meal income 3211 11.6 15293 11.0

Data sources: National statistic bureau

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