China (Yinchuan) wisdom city and wisdom life exposition will be held in Yinchuan in October

Put forward from the concept of wisdom city up to now, the city of the city of deputy provincial above that the whole nation has 95% , ground level above of 76% , about 500 many cities raise total or be in build wisdom city, chose a batch of wisdom town demonstrative cities at the same time.

In the demonstrative city of domestic wisdom city, yinchuan is exclusive city of a northwest, at the same time Yinchuan is the whole nation first, the wisdom city that has exclu上海千花网

sively carrying a layer on the head designing for the unit with the city, built progression of first town of domestic to occupy operation center, will cross a branch through data, those who promote governmental administration efficiency, city is stereo change service of level of management, the people’s livelihood and industrial confluence.

At present Yinchuan city had made the 10 old systems that are a delegate with community of environmental protection of travel of traffic of wisdom government affairs, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, and go up in succession the line moves, became the whole world to be able to duplicate the example of wisdo上海千花网

m city Yinchuan of promotion.

The development that town of the wisdom city that puts forward to ascertain a state better, new-style, characteristic changes plans, the life vacuum that creates healthy, safe, convenient, efficient, green, intelligence, stimulative city wisdom changes management and tune, can grow continuously, society of Chinese instrument appearance concerns mass organizations, government se上海千花网论坛

ctor jointly will in October 2017 28 be in the city of model city Yinchuan of wisdom city to hold China to 30 days (internatio爱上海

nal) intelligent scien上海千花网

ce and technology and applied exposition and China (Yinchuan) wisdom city and wisdom life exposition.

According to China (Yinchuan) Mr Liu Zheming discloses wisdom city and organizing committee of wisdom life exposition, communication of industry of academician forum, science, collaboration still will be organized to negotiate during exposition, look around make an on-the-spot investigation wait for an activity. The activity will invite government sector of 100 places city, ginseng of enterprise of science and technology of 500 wisdom city is exhibited, ginseng meeting, predict current China (Yinchuan) wisdom city and dimensions of audience of wisdom life exposition will achieve 60000 person-time.

China (Yinchuan) wisdom city and wisdom life exposition will involve wisdom energy management, intelligence electrified wire netting, wisdom to be in charge of traffic of corridor, intelligence, intelligence上海千花网论坛

how to be prevented, community of environmental protection of travel of government affairs of household of education of wisdom medical treatment, wisdom, wisdom, electron, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom.

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