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In daily life, a lot of food cannot be together in order to put to be fed together, if put two kinds of food that digest together edible, can bring very big impact to the body, so housewife people must notice strictly when doing dish to taste. So after all what cannot ability put together to eat?

What vegetable cannot take together?

1, turnip

Forbidden feed together with the orange, feed together suffer from strumous;

Avoid the tuber of multiflower knotweed, glutinous rehmannia;

Take the diet when ginseng; Avoid and carrot are fed together.

2, carrot

Should not be and the fruit such as tomato, turnip, chili, pomegranate, lettuce, Chinese flowering quince eats together. Had better eat alone or with the flesh kind cook.

What vegetable cannot take together?

3, cucumber

Should not be and the vegetable with vitamin C high content is equal like tomato, chili cook.

4, sweet potato (yam, sweet potato, pachyrhizus, sweet potato)

Cannot feed together with persimmon, both appearance party forms gastric persimmon stone, cause a stomach to bilge, bellyackeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, vomit, serious when can bring about gastrorrhagia to wait, endanger life;

Unfavorable also eat together with banana.

5, leek

Cannot feed together with spinach, both is fed together have slippery bowel effect, easy cause diarrhoea;

Cannot feed together with honey, feed a your popular feeling together painful;

Cannot feed together with beef, feed your person together calorific get angry.

What vegetable cannot take together?

6, aubergine

Avoid and snakeheaded fishForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, crab is fed together, feed intestines and stomach having damage together;

Too old ripe aubergine is unfavorable feed, easy toxic.

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7, spinach

Avoid leek; Unfavorable feed together with bean curd, feed together make the person is short of calcium.

8, a variety of Chinese cabbage

Avoid rabbit meat.

9, pumpkin

Cannot feed together with hotpot, otherwise easy happening icteric with n/med beriberi; Cannot feed together with the vegetable that contains a lot ofvitamin C, fruit.

10, bamboo shoot

Unfavorable feed together with bean curd, feed easy unripe stone together;

Cannot feed together with Chinese francolin flesh, feed your person together abdominal distension;

Cannot feed together with candy; Unfavorable feed together with ovine liver.

11, chili

Avoid and ovine liver, pumpkin is fed together.

12, caraway

Cannot feed together with all invigorator;

Skin of avoid the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, peony.

13, water shield

Avoid and vinegar are fed together.

14, wild rice stem

Unfavorable feed together with bean curd, otherwise easy form stone.

15, celery

Avoid is fed with vinegar, otherwise fragile tine; Unfavorable feed together with cucumber.

16, leaf mustardleaf mustard

Avoid and crucian carp fish are fed together, bring hair oedema easily otherwise.

17, brake dish

Avoid and soya bean, earthnut, young soya bean is equal eat.

18, snake melon

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Avoid and milk, cheese, fish is fed together, give birth to a disease easily otherwise.

19, yam

Fish of avoid crucian carp, Gan Sui.

20, agaric

Flesh of chicken of avoid and river snail, pheasant, mallard, quail is fed together;

Avoid is taken together with tetracycline

21, three-colored amaranth

Should not be feed together with pink of spinach, brake

22, suffer from dish

Cannot be the same as with honey feed

23, earthnut

Crab of avoid brake dish, wool, cucumber.

24, purslane

Unfavorable feed together with turtle shell.

25, cantaloup

Avoid eats together with crab, river snail, deep-fried dough cake

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