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Many people know to drink carbonic acid beverage to be able to cause osteoporosis, but boycott its temptation hard again, can drink everyday on a few. In fact, drink of right amount and drinkable carbonic acid has certain profit to human body, the word of excessive can affect human body be opposite calcicSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Absorb, bring about osteoporosis finally, this is inevitable thing.

Carbonic acid beverage causes osteoporosis, do you know?

One, the relation of carbonic acid beverage and osteoporosis

Current medical viewpoint looks, of human body calcium use normally, need proportion of certain phosphorous calcic standard. Phosphor is one of micronutrients with indispensible human body, to the synthesis of ossification and albumen, phosphor is indispensable. We had absorbed rich phosphor in normal food, very few to most person meeting has the problem that phosphor lacks.

Carbonic acid beverage causes osteoporosis, do you know?

In the drink of all carbonic acid that market place buys, contain phosphoric acid for the most part. Accordingly, beverage of a large number of drinkable carbonic acid can bring about human body to phosphor absorb too much. So, when beverage of a large number of drinkable carbonic acid when, the human body absorption to calcium can be reduced significantly, certainly will reduces skeleton to be opposite store calcicly. Accordingly, Shanghai night net

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The youth must add an attention more this kind of phosphorShanghai noble baby

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Ground of skeletal to you exert a subtle influence on affects acid.

Excessive is drinkable carbonic acid beverage, can cause scale of calcic, phosphor maladjusted. When when blood medium calcium is united in wedlock with phosphor not quite, human body gives the calcium that stores in bone to be united in wedlock with phosphor with respect to meeting dissolve, for this pair of youths that like to drink carbonic acid beverage, cause an osteoporosis extremely easily, increase the risk of fracture, and skeletal to be being meant undoubtedly for children growth is slow.

Carbonic acid beverage causes osteoporosis, do you know?

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2, osteoporosis ” stare at ” on youth

Need not the youth worry about the problem that there is osteoporosis temporarily? The doctor says, at present osteoporosis more and more yearShanghai Long Feng forum

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The appearance that changes gently is different negligence. Investigation shows ” hard neck ” , ” good the back of the human body ” the youth exceeds half the number, the level that the bone density of 35 years old of females already reached the share 60 years old, even a few adolescentShanghai night net

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Also appear the phenomenon of ageing of skeletal in advance.

more and more young office worker appear skeletal problem, medical expert expresses, the likelihood is as sedentary as its do not move, the lifestyle that lack exercises is concerned. Because muscle can rise to protect action to skeleton, there are a lot of muscles all round joint, producing the main effect that prop up. If these muscle strength drop, the power of weight of the body that prop up is insufficient, joint responsibility can accentuate, become not stable.

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