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Small 3 this world this disease circumstance is to show the patient’s liver appeared problem, and small 3 this world also are liver of infection of second liver virus come on inchoate. Because this goes to a hospital check-up when detect oneself are small the word of 3 this world, be about to be used actively medication small 3 this world, and be in daily life also want to notice oneself food. The person that likes to drink red wine basically is met everyday proper a few more drinkable red wine, but be small the word of 3 this world, OK and drinkable red wine?

Small can 3 this world drink red wine

1, small 3 this world are to cannot drink red wine, the patient must notice well the dietary habit that recuperates oneself, the patient avoids to drink a few wine at ordinary times, and still need to avoid to smoke, because drink,smoking can accentuate of hepatic burden, can have very bad effect to the patient, so, proposal patient suffers from small after 3 this world, must abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, should drinking bit of milk more at ordinary times is very good, small the patient of 3 this world is the nutrition that needs to strengthen the body, and in daily life, still need to notice great rest is better, smooth1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Need rests more when.

2, small 3 in relief patients had better be not to drink red wine, no matter what wine patient should be not drunk, a few undesirable habits of the adjusts oneself food that the patient has been close friends at ordinary times and life, when if want,drinking, it is to be able to have bit of other things, for instance: Of melon seeds and so on, divert attention possible, the patient still can eat a few eggs more at ordinary times kind, lean lean, bean products, these food can have very much nutrition material, it is to be able to have to the patient very goodLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Of the help, proposal patient is dailyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The great exercises oneself body in the life also is very good.

Small can 3 this world drink red wine

3, small the body that the patient of 3 this world must notice to had recuperated his is more important, the body is strong, also can have profit to patient patient’s condition, at ordinary times never with what drink, and still need to notice to be able to not have the thing of a few new hot raw or cold food, the patient is the alimental that can eat a few vegetable and fruit and so on more in daily life, the food that did not stimulate to the patient is eatable, buildForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Discuss a patient to want to have a good state of mind at ordinary times, maintaining happy state of mind also is very important, still need to check liver function to the hospital regularly.

Small can 3 this world drink red wine

Finally, got small the patient of 3 this world falls in the situation that does not need treatment, also can have bit of remedy that protects liver, can have profit to the patient, and need to go out more at ordinary times, take a walk more the immune power that enhances him body also is very good, the food that eats a few nutrition to abound more at ordinary times also is very pretty good.

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