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Gallinaceous foot also calls chicken claw, phoenix claw, it is daily compare in the life feed capable person commonly, because its contain a lot ofprotein, and have hairdressing to raise colour effect, and get a person fullyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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People love, especially bittern chicken foot, not only nutrient value is extremely high, and mouthfeel is fragile still sweet beauty is tender, it is to get more the welcome of people. Actually the practice of bittern chicken foot is simpler, need 9 paces to be able to be made only, love eater person completely OK oneself are made in the home!

What is the practice of bittern chicken foot?

One, with makings 

Chicken is ungual 10, ginger 1, anise 3, sweet leaf 5 pieces, unripe draw 3 spoon, often draw 2 spoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, white sugar 15 grams, saline a few, chicken a few of essence of life

2, practice 

1, gallinaceous claw cuts off ungual needle, wash a few times, next in bubble water half hours,

2, ginger together, anise 3, sweet Xie Wu piece, gallinaceous claw is abluent, often smoke unripeShanghai noble baby

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Smoke get ready, often be being smoked had better be soy of braise in soy sauce, chromatically is bit more beautiful,

What is the practice of bittern chicken foot?

3, turn on the water in boiler burn, water of gallinaceous ungual scald,

4, scoop drop to work next,

5, 1500 milliliter water is added in clean boiler, join anise, sweet leaf, ginger (pat with the knife) , join 3 spoon to be born smoke, 2 spoon often are smoked, 1 spoon cooking wine, 15 grams white sugar, a few salt, enter gallinaceous claw next,

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What is the practice of bittern chicken foot?

6, the boiler on the lid builds big baked wheaten cake to leave to open medium baking temperature to be stewed slow 12 minutes or so next, when the Shang Shui in boiler returns remnant 1/3 about, at this moment glutinous of soft flesh of gallinaceous ungual bone, it is OK to join essence of a few chicken to shake boiler gently next,

7, go out with chopstick clip next (if want to flip through among fire chicken is ungual, also want to break up with the chopstick, do not break up with boiler scoop, lest break foot is ungual cortical) ,

8, put gallinaceous claw in big bowl to cool naturally half hours first,

9, install next dish, such bittern phoenix claw, cuticular Gan Shuang is not stuck, and in gallinaceous ungual meat colloid already slowly caky, taste have chew interest, dip in again the dot dips in makings, gust is more sufficient, sweeter.

Xiao stick person

1. chicken claw is bought must bubble water,

Flavor of 2. bittern soup need not too much, fragrance is too thick, do not eat to give the taste of food itself instead, and after eating, the aftertaste in the mouth is agonized,

The salt in 3. bittern soup can be added can not add, because often be smoked,be born smoke still have gallinaceous essence salty,

4. refrigeration has taste after half hours optimal.

3, the nutrient value with ungual chicken:

Contain a lot ofadipose, maintain body to protect splanchnic; to offer; of indispensible fatty acid to promote vitamins of these fat dissolve sex blandly absorb; to increase full abdomen to feel. Contain a lot ofprotein, have maintain potassium natrium to balance; to eliminateShanghai noble baby

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Oedema. Enhance immune power. Move low blood pressure, amortize anaemia, be helpful for be bornA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Grow growth. Contain a lot ofcopper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, to blood, central nervous and immune system, the splanchnic development such as hair, skin and skeletal organization and brain and liver, heart and function have main effect.

4, the edible effect with ungual chicken:

Step-down of 1. dispel fat

Chicken is ungual can bate and protection are hemal, have the effect of fat of the blood in lowering human body and cholesterol.

2. is raised colour protect skin

Gallinaceous claw enhances the skin the tension, effect that removes wrinkle

5, the choose and buy with ungual chicken:

When choosing fryer claw, want to accomplish size to agree as far as possible, had better choose big (small take off bone) not easily.

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