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Everybody knows dove flesh has very good nourishing effect, eat dove flesh to be able to adjust the temperature of human body, can enhance disease-resistant ability of the person, the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness can eat milk more columbine, stimulative body restores, postpartum female eats milk columbine right healthy very good also, breast is columbine taste the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, yesNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Very precious cate, so is steamed breast columbine how should make gift delicious?

Is steamed breast columbine how to do? Relevant skill is here!

The first, steamed breast is columbine


Breast is columbine 1, dangshen 1, beforehand the tuber of elevated gastrodia with good bubble 1, bai Lian is counted, lean lean 1 small, salt


1. asks pedlar to handle vivid dove clean belt to come home, over-Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The quick-boil in boiled water, make its round finalize the design, become lean lean chop again rotten, section of the tuber of elevated gastrodia, dangshen is cut paragraph, Bai Lianqing is washed clean;

2. goes to fleshy rotten mat the handleless cup that stew is bottom, spread God again hemp, dangshen, Bai Lian, put milk next columbine, add right amount water, put water steam is lain between 1.5 hours in a pot for steaming food;

3. is gone toLoveShanghai noble baby

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Right amount salt is moved in the handleless cup that stew, continue evaporate half hours can.

Xiao hang

1, increase what a bit medicinal material can make the nutrition of dove more perfect to release, what must material use, it is good to be added at will, if be not put OK also. 2, increase one smallShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Piece lean lean is rotten an evaporate, can make this is stewed article more aroma is tangy, inapproachable temptation oh! 3, in Hunan, lying between water to stew food is to be called evaporate. Evaporate when the proposal stews handleless cup with what have a lid, can the nutrition that better reservation feeds capable person and bright fragrance not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Etc dove puts salt again after basic evaporate is good, dove flesh ability is soft sodden bright sweet mouthfeel won’t bavin, add evaporate half hours of enough tasty. 4, columbine flesh not only nutrition is rich, and still have certain sanitarian effect, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, columbine flesh has filling liver strong gas of kidney, beneficial enrichs the blood, clear hot detoxify, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly.

Is steamed breast columbine how to do? Relevant skill is here!

The 2nd, medlar evaporate breast is columbine


Cooking wine, medlar, breast is columbine, green, salt


Will breed columbine abluent, chop piece, wipe on a few salt, enter cooking wine, join medlar a certain number of, souse 5-10 minute. 20-30 of evaporate leaving boiler minute. Can edible.

Is steamed breast columbine how to do? Relevant skill is here!

The 3rd, medlar evaporate breast is columbine


Breast is columbine 2, medlar is right amount, unripe smoke, salt, white sugar, ginger, peanut oil


1, breast is columbine abluent drenchA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Do hematic water.

2, in breast columbine surface is wiped on salt and unripe smoke, wipe a few white sugar even, or honey, the maltose is OK also.

3, go up in dish, put a few ginger, breed those who had bloated columbine put on Jiang Pian, in breast columbine on scatter a few medlar.

4, a peanut oil is wiped in dove surface.

5, the dish of dove, put the 30-60 in freezer minute, let dove bloat tasty.

6, after water of a pot for steaming food left, evaporate 20-30 minute.

7, if be pressure cooker evaporate, 10 minutes can.

8, after evaporate is good, tear apart with the chopstick, dipping in the soup juice below eats.

9, the Shang Zhihai with evaporate columbine breast can use the ground rice that boil, the noodle that boil.

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